Hey there, I'm Gabe!
(and I'm currently working at ▲ Vercel )

By day, I'm a Customer Success Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. By night, I'm still an Engineer (who of course fancies the little things in life, like playing Dungeons & Dragons 🎲).

Email me business inquiries and memes: gabe@gabenunez.com
Other fantastic links: Github | LinkedIn
Me, Gabe Nunez

Hey, that's me and my Dad!

A bit about me.

I've always had an obsession with computers, in fact, I still have a very distinct childhood memory when I burned my first CD using Rhapsody (Honestly, I couldn't stop smiling because of the pure excitement).

As time went on in my life, another aspect of computing came into play, the internet. At the time (probably age 12 or so), I was fascinated with the real time feedback it provided from all across the world. From then on, I knew I wanted to be part of it and create something that was my own.

Through the years, I created a couple blogs using Wordpress, Co-Operated an IRC Network, started my own eSports organization, and learned everything I could to make the things I dreamed of possible.

Fast Forward to Today: I have now been working as a web developer for 5+ years using the magic of HTML, CSS, PHP (mostly for Wordpress), and Javascript to serve millions of online users.

And... I haven't stopped learning or figuring things out! I have learned React, SEO, A/B testing, how to use analytical tools, and new techniques to optimize web pages.

TLDR: I love the internet and everything it represents and have either created or helped create two handfuls of different online services, sometimes just for fun. I have an urge to continue learning new web technologies and want to leave an impact on the world around me using that knowledge.

My Projects

Here are some examples of some projects I've worked on!


Completely written from the ground up, as the sole developer, I created this masterpiece! :)

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ImageFisher 🎣

A Zendesk app that runs a reverse image search on all image attachments from the requester of a ticket.

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PreactNode.jsWeb ScrapingHTMLCSS

Web application that allows you to directly compare Stock pricing and Google Trends data!

View Github ProjectView Live Version
Next.jsReactNode.jsREST APIs
Slice O' Pizza 🍕

Full stack app that gets all the latest and greatest pizza newsletters on the same page so you can find the best deal!

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